About Brainastic

Q1: What is Brainastic?

Brainastic is an application for cognitive training through games, with its development and content originated from academic papers. It targets on training six major cognitive functions namely memory, execution, attention, visual space, flexibility and language. The application features level tracking function which can adjust its game levels to adapt to player’s level. Data like scores and grade will be displayed right after each game or training is completed, which allows players to know more about their cognitive ability in different areas.

Based on your strength, we will arrange suitable workout for you on a daily basis to improve your overall brain performance. We expect the entertaining and challenging games can encourage players to enjoy brain training and turn it into a daily habit, so as to maximize training effects.

Q2: What versions does Brainastic have? What are their differences?

Currently Brainastic has two versions: Basic and Pro. For basic version, players can get access to part of the training games and some basic data only. For Pro version, players can challenge all training games and even be the first to try out beta games. They can also view a more thorough data analysis inside the app. Upgrade to Pro surely provides you with the best brain training experience.

Q3: What languages does Brainastic support?

Brainastic is now available in Chinese only, but we are now working hard for the English one. Stay tuned!

Q4: What electronic devices does Brainastic support?

Brainastic supports Android/iOS tablets and mobile phones.

Training and Games

Q1: What cognitive functions can be trained through Brainastic?

Six major cognitive abilities can be trained through Brainastic, including Memory, Execution, Attention, Visual Space, Flexibility and Language.

Q2: How frequent should I use Brainastic as brain training?

We recommend using Brainastic for about 20 minutes every day, and a total of 120 minutes every week. The more persistent the training is, the greater the training result will be.

Q3: How different between training and leisure mode?

For training mode, we help players design the most suitable daily workouts so all games are specially designated. For game mode, players are free to choose the games according to their personal preference.

Q4: Based on what criteria will Brainastic select and arrange my daily brain training games inside the training mode?

Our system will prepare the most suitable workouts based on the past scores, performance, and training frequency of the players.

Q5: How do I check game tutorials?

Each time when you enter a game, you will be first directed to the "Game Start" page. Click the book button on the bottom right of the Game Start window and it will jump to the game tutorial. You can press "Review" to view the game instructions again.

Q6: Can I bookmark my favourite games?

Sure! In the leisure mode, you are free to bookmark the games you like by clicking the heart button on the upper right of each game. You are then able to find the bookmarked games in a shorter time when you tap on the "Favourite Games" tab.

Performance and Progress

Q1: How do I know my training and game results?

You can view your ability indexes, strengths and weaknesses and ability change of the six cognitive areas by visiting "Performance" tab on the menu bar.

Q2: What is Mindvivid Index (MVI)?

The Mindvivid Index (MVI) is a comprehensive smart index computed by our sophisticated calculations that measures different cognitive abilities. Each cognitive category has one MVI. The calculation of MVI depends on the player's game scores, performance, training frequency, etc.. Meanwhile we also keep optimizing and modifying our Mindvivid Database to ensure more accurate results and measurements.

Q3: How do I know if my training is enough?

You can tap on the "Records" tab on the menu bar to check the training time of the day, the total weekly training time (Pro only) and the total weekly training days. To check the training history a week ago, please visit www.mindvivid.com, log in with your Brainastic account and click "Statistics">"Training Records".

Q4: Can I compare my performance against other Brainastic players?

Yes. Tap on the "Records" or "Training" tab on the menu bar and you can see a crown icon on the upper left. Press the icon and you can view the leaderboard. You can also visit "Performance" to compare your performance against all other users in terms of each cognitive area and overall abilities (Pro only).

Purchase and Payment

Q1: Where can I get Brainastic Pro?

To purchase Brainastic Pro, there are three ways available:

  1. Through the app stores inside your tablet/mobile.
  2. Open Brainastic, tap on "My Account" tab on the menu bar, scroll down and press the "Buy Now" button. You will be redirected to the payment page of the app store after choosing the subscription period.
  3. Open Brainastic, tap on "My Accounts" tab on the menu bar, press the settings button in the upper right and click "Upgrade to Pro". You will be redirected to the payment page of the app store after choosing the subscription period.

Q2: How do I know if my Pro membership is expired?

You can go to "My Accounts", directly scroll down and the expiration date of your Pro membership will be stated above the "Buy Now" button.

Account and Settings

Q1: How can I register a new Brainastic account?

Open Brainastic, click "Start" to proceed to login page. Press "Sign up" at the bottom of the page and create your new account with your mobile number, email or Facebook.

Q2: Will Brainastic keep my personal information confidential?

When you are using Brainastic, we will collect your name, gender, age, email or mobile number and game training data. The game training data will only be used for brain and cognitive science research, and all personal information will not be publicly disclosed.

Q3: How do I add or change my profile picture?

Go to "My Accounts", press the camera button to add or change your profile picture by taking new photo or choosing from existing photos.

Q4: Where can I set training reminders?

Go to "My Accounts", press the settings button in the upper right and click "Training Reminders". You will be able to set reminder alerts on regular day and time intervals.

Q5: How do I turn the game and interface sounds on/off?

Go to "My Accounts", press the settings button in the upper right. Slide the volume bar to left to disable the sound and vice versa.

Q6: Can I create multiple accounts by using only one mobile number / email address?

No. Each mobile number/email address can only be used to register one Brainastic account.

Q7: How do I upgrade my Basic account to Pro account by using Gift Card?

Go to "My Accounts", press the settings button in the upper right and click "Upgrade by Gift Card". Scan the QR code printed on the card to finish the upgrade procedures.

Technical Issues

Q1: Is it possible to log in different Brainastic accounts and do brain training on the same device?

Absolutely yes. All you need to do is to quit the existing account and log into another account.

Scientic Research and Validation

Q1: What scientific research components does Brainastic possess?

Brainastic is transformed from comprehensive academic research, findings and reports. Its research and development process is being strictly supervised by university research teams and is currently under research study to verify the effectiveness.

Q2: Does Brainastic receive any accreditation?

Starting from 2017, we have been cooperating with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and jointly carrying out effectiveness study on Brainastic inside the Jockey Club Intensive Frailty Prevention Programme. The preliminary result by now is promising, and if it goes well, Brainastic will be the first electronic brain training application which gains accreditation from authority in Hong Kong and even Greater China.