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Cooperate with Professor of the CUHK at 2017, Ready to amaze you in 2024

Operated by only one finger, mvTest is a rapid screening tool that briefly identifies cognitive impairment in 5 minutes.

Content design backed with overseas and local research

Content of mvTest is based on authoritative and internationally recognized cognitive paper assessment. What's more, we are now working with university in Hong Kong to conduct effectiveness study on mvTest in the hope of strengthening its credibility.

Fast and easy

Finishing the test without pens, just tap your finger. mvTest can recognize people having risks of cognitive decline in 5 minutes. Time-saving and handy.

Stressless assessment

mvTest converts traditional paper-based assessment into e-version with attractive interface. Make it less serious, feel less burdened.

Manpower shortage resolved

mvTest alters the one-to-one evaluation mode into self-assessment which can be carried out on a large scale at once.

Lower social cost, better care

Large-scale self-assessment shortens the time and reduces human resources. Preliminary screening allows professionals to take decisive actions in a much earlier stage.