Our Mission

Combining Therapeutic and Inventive Technology

Through innovative technology, we bring you advanced brain support and care services that have long been neglected, boosting your brain functions and cognitive abilities.

Building Cognitive Database

We are devoted to establishing a database with brain data so as to better assess and quantify your brain performance. The better you understand your brain health, the more suitable actions you are able to take to monitor and improve your brain skills.

Developing Dementia-related Leading Research Platform

Through the establishment of a leading research platform for dementia, we aim at providing different research institutes and social welfare organizations with one-stop diagnostic and preventive services particularly targeting Dementia, which help lower social burden and costs in the long run.

Professional Consultants behind Us

Prof. Mansun CHAN

Chair Professor, Dept. of ECE, HKUST

Prof. Chan has owned a number of patents, authored and co-authored more than 500 technical papers, and co-authored 5 books. He is currently a Fellow of IET, Fellow of IEEE and a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Electron Device Society.

Prof. Ping Keung KO

Former Dean of Engineering, HKUST

Prof. Ko is now Chairman and CEO of Silicon Federation Limited (SFI). He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the recipient of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits awarded the Honor Award in 2002.

We value every talented person. If you are keen to build a better
society by innovative technology and adore dynamic and vibrant
working culture, you are welcome to join us. Let's work
together for our common beliefs.